Our Annual Show

Table Display Winners

BOC Photographic Competition entries


Orchid Species

This website is full of information about all orchid species.

The North of England Orchid Society

A very useful website about orchids and societies in the UK

British Orchid Council

Our Society is a member of this organization and they train our judges.

Hardy Orchids

This site has information on hardy orchids to grow in your garden.

Darlington and District Orchid Society

A friendly active society whose meetings are in a convenient location for many of our members and with which we have many shows in common.

Sheffield and District Orchid Society

A friendly society at whose shows we have always set up a display and who always set up one at our show.

Orchid Digest

This site is full of articles about all aspects of orchids.

Linda the Orchid Lady

Linda’s website is full of information, pictures, links and fun.


The website for all slipper orchid lovers

The American Orchid Society

This website has good cultural information but be advised that summer weahter is much hotter in most of the USA.


This site is a resource about dealers, other websites with orchid information.

Lawrence Hobbs Orchids

The dealer who is also a member and will do his best to acquire what you want.

Burnham Nurseries Orchids

An excellent source of interesting species and hybrids with a dazzling display in their greenhouse so worth a trip down to visit

North East of England orchid society